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Guardian Property Management

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  • This business has some serious internal communication issues and have no idea how to respect other people.

    My old landlord hired them to rent the place out, therefore my landlord is their client, I am not.

    1. As I was getting ready to move out, they started to showing the place. They informed me in a head of time which was good. However, they left the floor dusty and moved my stuff without ant permission. They explained why the floor was dusty but never apologized for moving my things.

    2. There is an agreement between me and the landlord: I can store some of my furniture and belongings in the basement. One day after I moved out, I received an unpleasant, aggressive email demanding me to move all my belongings.

    3. The owner of this business is fully aware of this agreement, yet in the email, they claim that they are not sure and the new tenants have never agreed to this.

    4. After receiving the email, I made a phone call to the business owner to figure things out. During the whole time, a woman next to him kept yelling at me while I as trying to talk to the owner.

    After all, just because I'm not their client, I've received this treatment.

    If you are considering hire someone to manage your property, definitely pass this one. They only care when they want your business. It is such short sighted to treat people (non clients) like Guardian Property Management did.

    PS: The only review of this business on Google you will find was written by the owner’s relative which is biased.

  • If I could give this business no stars I would. I have recently moved into a home that is run by this business, They run the whole subdivision that I live in . I have received letters in the mail from them none directed at me. The letters were disrespectful and idiotic. I can tell you that they are unprofessional, and have no logic for anything that they do. They are supposed to maintain the property but I have 4 feet of weeds growing in my front yard. Fact that they have less than two stars says it right there For you.

  • Like a previous poster, I wish I could give zero stars.
    Jay Hayes at Guardian Property will not rent to anyone on social assistance, nor people with pets - both of these things are illegal & carry fines as well as the potential for her to lose her real estate licence. She is breaking the law & I doubt this is the first time. She admitted both of these things to our social services worker in emails & text messages.
    She is uncommunicative with both her clients & Social Services. She blames both parties, pitting one against the other; blames the lack of communication on one or the other, when in fact, it is her not bothering to answer messages or reply to emails.
    She held us up, lied, & led us on for over six weeks. We have an infant daughter & were homeless. She is utterly heartless. She told us the night before (end of August) we were to move into a rental that she didn’t want to rent to us, after our initial meeting with her mid July while we were staying at YES shelter. She showed us one apartment & we accepted. She later decided we should have a larger place to live & this other property was under renovation. The kitchen was apparently on back order & we would not be able to move in right away. We turned down three other properties during this time. I doubt any of this was true - she simply did not want to rent to us, but was too spineless to tell us to our face.
    She is a liar, rude, curt & villainous; our case manager at Social Services doesn’t want to deal with her again because of her surliness & unprofessionalism.
    I am disgusted with her behaviour & would be loathe to recommend her to anyone looking to rent or buy property. Guardian Property should be deeply ashamed of themselves for allowing her to get away with this. She should not be allowed to practice real estate anywhere.
    Stay as far away from this horrible human being as you can!

  • Extremely happy with services provided from this company. Jay and Grant helped us out and we love our home. They were super professional and caring. Thank you!!!

  • Always had a very positive and professional working relationship. Very hands on property management team. Great job balancing tenant and property owners needs.