Grey Bruce Property Rentals Inc.

 Grey Bruce Property Rentals Inc.

 12th St E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 1V7, Canada

 +1 519-371-9920

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  • Rented from them for over 2 years, never had any problems. They are very understanding when I had to pay rent late a couple of times. As long as I gave them a few days notice they were always helpful.

  • They're a bit slow with repairs in the common areas, laundry rooms etc but overall they're reasonable and easy to deal with. I've been in my apt for over 5 years and love it. Also, after 5 years of blessed peace and quiet, a new tenant moved into the store downstairs and thought they could blast music all day and night. After a couple complaints to GBPR, the noise stopped. I heard from someone else that GBPR threatened to cancel their lease and evict them and I haven't heard a peep since. This company, like any, have their faults but putting up with tenants disrupting the peace is definitely not one of them. MUCH appreciated!

  • Usually all my questions get answered but if something breaks in the apartment it takes a long time for it to get fixed. Overall very nice and professional service. I would recommended them to anyone who needs an apartment in the area.

  • my apartment vibrates non stop and they wont fix it. joke service people. pretty sure the realtor put me in this area on purpose after shwing me a better apartment first, snakes

  • They NEVER call you back! They are completely biased and won't help families stuck in their buildings already I have never seen a company so more worried about their bottom line over families in their buildings. They are as immoral they come. GREY BRUCE PROPERTY RENTALS should only be used out of desperation! If you are in one GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN seriously
    Everyone there needs to be replaced with people that will ACTUALLY help the people in their buildings not treat them like garbage and they need to be reported to somebody
    seeing frustrated tenants with no options is frustrating not being able to do anything for them.