Granada Apartments – Skyline Living

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  • What a f***ing joke. The bachelor units used to start at $575. Now that this Skyline company took over this building, they are charging $730. This management company is notorious for treating its residents terribly. Skyline is a greedy corporation that doesn't give a f*** about you. They will only fix problems that will cause damage to them. If your unit needs repair? Just forget about it. Please don't be fooled by the comments from their customer service. Please save yourselves and avoid Skyline.

  • The building is always kept clean. My friends notice how clean the lobby halls and stairwells are. The laundry room is kept nicely clean, also. It’s an old building, so it must be a challenge to keep it so nice. Thank you.

  • They have a guy working for them, James Hamlin, who stole thousands of dollars from my 86 YO aunt in Windsor!!!

  • I live in Da Vinci Tower on Donnelly in Windsor. They have done a lot of work on my building. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I think the issue that most people have is with the skyrocketing rent that is leaving many Ontarians in a very economically difficult position. If Skyline Living Inc. could find a solution to that problem, I assure the big oppressive corporation will win Windsor by storm and be the best of the best. Skyline is working up to that but will sputter out and lose all of its momentum without rectifying or remedying this very big issue.