Geneva Street Apartments – Skyline Living

 Geneva Street Apartments – Skyline Living

 363 Geneva St, St. Catharines, ON L2N 5S6, Canada

 +1 289-668-4135

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St Catharines Apartments – St Catharines,ON

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  • Skyline doesn't give a $%#, In the short time I've lived in this dump we have gone through 4 managers. They all quit out of frustration! Nothing works from the "security locks" to the hot water. The only happy residents here are the cockroaches. This place feels abandoned.

  • Was good for the first 4 months but spiraled out of control after our landlord in 2016 left, water almost never works overpriced rent and payed parking spaces that anyone can park in.

    Cockroaches are a real problem and are disgusting.

    Overall an overpriced disgusting apartment that they really need to fix. Glad we are moving out.

    EDIT: Have since moved out, so hopefully they get better as the new landlords are wonderful and are really working at fixing the place up!

  • I live in this decrepit building and I've been trying to get out. Do NOT move here the place is INFESTED with cockroaches and even after multiple sprays from Orkin nothing has improved. Things have been neglected huge. The slumlords are a nightmare. Rent is too high for what people have to go through here with the bugs getting into your cooked food, or beverages. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • building has cockroaches and is dirty. hallways and stairways are not cleaned and the water has been shut off twice in one month. the front driveway was going to be paved according to the manager however they did not fix the giant hole in the front driveway. I don't like it here :(

    0 stars rating is what I give