Foundry Lofts

Foundry Lofts

3490 Schmon Pkwy, Thorold, ON L2V 0C4, Canada

+1 905-931-8528

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  • Loved living here! The suites are amazing! Tons of space, updated appliances and AMAZING amenities! Also loved how close it was to Brock! Buses still come to pick you up if its raining or really cold! Honestly, I had the best 3 years living there! Miss it already!

  • Foundry Lofts is an amazing property with all the amenities that a student needs. It is also a stone throw away from Brock University and a big community with lots of friendly residents.

    I work here and it is always a joy to help out our residents and make sure that they have the best living experience during their stay here.
    Foundry Lofts is your best option for student housing in St. Catharines and I am happy to be here.

  • Foundry Lofts is the perfect place to stay while away at school, with all the amenities and features students need! It has 4 different fitness centres with classes offered as well, study rooms with tutoring, & a movie theatre + more! The units are super spacious & have everything you need.

    I’m a Leasing Specialist at Foundry Lofts & I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this company & seeing the positive effect it has on the community!

  • You want to live here. I've lived in old student houses and new, with many people and with few and I can honestly say that Foundry Lofts is the place for students. From study spaces to billiards tables, a movie theatre to a fitness centre, Foundry Lofts has everything that not only you need but that you want. I'm the Resident Life Coordinator at Foundry Lofts and i'm proud to be part of a new and growing community here

  • This is my second year of living here. Love the location and convenience factor of being right down the road from campus. Units are spacious and in good condition. The public areas of the property are kept clean.

    The 4* rating is based on recent events. Melissa, the new Community Manager, and her team have been very proactive with any of my concerns. They really want to make sure that tenants have the best experience possible and are going out of their way to make it happen. It will take a lot to overcome the negative experience of the change of ownership of Foundry Lofts, but it looks like things are heading in the right direction.