Fort Langley

 Fort Langley

 23433 Mavis Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 2R5, Canada

 +1 604-513-4777

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  • An absolutely beautiful place to go. There are many places to shop, walk or eat wherever you are situated in town. There is something for everyone within the few block radius. I enjoy going to Fort Langley when it’s raining because while it’s ugly outside the people who frequent it can’t seem to let the weather get them down.

  • Who knew that Hawaiians were some of the original settlers of BC? Not me! Did you know that furs and pelts all had different values but they were all valued in terms of the most valued pelt of all? - the beaver! Do you know why hatters were mad? Come learn about history in an atmosphere that every kid will love.

  • Loved the history and the live demonstrations. There is a great activity booklet for children to keep them interested. Easy to spend the day. Also stayed overnight which was lovely

  • Fort Langley is awesome to visit and they have many interesting activities for kids. However, it is only interesting and fun on the first visit, I found that it is quite drab on the second or third visit as their activities don't change. I do recommend walking around the town because there are many wonderful shops and cafès!

  • We have been to the Graves Tales tours recently and it was amazing. The passionate staff, the setting of the historical town and Fort made it very interesting and the stories were captivating and well-researched. I loved the elements of information about the First Nations and will definitely be going back for the 3H tour next year!