Fallowfield Towers I by Drewlo Holdings

 Fallowfield Towers I by Drewlo Holdings

 161 Fallowfield Dr, Kitchener, ON N2C 0B2, Canada

 +1 519-748-0505


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  • Update 2-27: The landlords' team and the new building managers are on this promptly and we've agreed on a plan. Glad to see progress being made to address the issue.
    I can imagine the average experience living in this apartment should be of 4 or 5 stars, good building, good amenity and repair order is filled quickly. However my personal experience is horrible. Either the soundproofing of my room is super bad, or the neighbor's TV is too loud. What I perceive is that the upstairs neighbor turns my room into a cinema (without screen) every night, and I have to sleep after she switched off the TV, at around 1 am. The superintendents seem not willing to get involved by saying they accept noise complaint only when it's happening, and they don't work in the evening (that's kinds of understandable). By-law doesn't help much, because they usually come hours after my request, usually they can catch nothing. What's more, there's no easy way for me to terminate the lease early, which also complies with the tenancy agreement for sure. The eventual fact, as of now, is that I have to live under this noise harassment. I can't resist thinking that the anxiety and sleep deprivation caused by the resonating bass might have shorten my life by years. My personal experience can only imply a one star. But again, without a loud neighbor, this apartment is good.