DOM Realty of New York

 DOM Realty of New York

 105-21 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375, USA

 +1 718-263-4700

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  • Dom realty found me an apt in Rockville Center in Oct 2017 which proceeded to go into foreclosure , 6
    Months later. Turns out that the Bank had been trying to foreclose for 2 1/2 years for non payment and finally got all the necessary paperwork done
    I had been assured by Doms agent that I was dealing with a family they had done many deals with and you could trust that you were dealing with very fine and reputable people. They couldn’t have been more wrong
    Coming home from vacation to an eviction notice taped to your door is beyond shocking
    I paid Dom $3,500 as their fee and can’t even get a call back from them . They want nothing to do with what happened and take no responsibility for their lax effort of doing no due diligence about this unit as I found out later . it was widely known in the building that my unit was going into foreclosure imminently
    This has been a traumatic event for my family and want anyone dealing with this firm to understand what type of moral and ethical way these peopl run their business

  • Helped me find a home meeting my high standards and worked tirelessly to make sure I was happy. Great company and would definitely do business again with Boris. Would recommend this company to anyone