Dave Koszegi

Dave Koszegi

123 Home Sold, Port Alberni, BC V9T 2K8, Canada

+1 250-723-7653


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  • I have significant experience purchasing real estate. When we were looking for a property on Sproat Lake, we called an agent representing the property. It happened to be Dave .

    After a five-minute conversation of him explaining the type of real estate available on Sproat Lake, what makes a property particularly sought after and what we were looking for we quickly decided on a specific property. Dave explained that he was the representing agent for the seller and that he therefore could not represent us without disclosing this.

    Dave was extremely helpful in us understanding the assets of the property as well as its pitfalls. He educated me on what it takes to manage your house in a remote area. I was extremely pleased with the purchase and the entire transaction. Dave was also helpful in locating tradesmen and resources in the area which made the after sale process more seamless.

    I could not be more satisfied as a purchaser after having used Dave. I would highly recommend him to any purchaser or seller with or without experience in the real estate field. He was an exemplary agent and continues to be someone I would call on for help and assistance in the future.