Crown Court Apartments

 Crown Court Apartments

 41 Crown St, Saint John, NB E2L 0E2, Canada

 +1 506-657-6023

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  • these extended stay apartments are more than what i expected or imagined. they are a very good price and very up to date in style. they have great AC and heating. Also very secure building and love how there is a vending machine in the back lobby. highly recommended.

  • The good:

    The staff are pleasant - and try to be prompt with fixing any problems.

    The building is newly renovated.

    The bad:

    Advertised as secure building with secure parking, but the building is open to public until 5pm, and the parking has ZERO security.

    Advertised as "new appliances" - the supplied fridge had to be exchanged because it wasn't new, the hot plate they issued was broken, and the toaster oven was heavily used and not cleaned.

    The water pressure is dismal, they purposely throttle back pressure to save money - my toilet wouldn't flush until they increased the pressure.

    The included internet is very spotty - most times its so saturated you can't even check your facebook, much less watch netflix.

    Drug dealers and hookers are seen doing their business outside the parking lot - and enter the building all day and evening long.

    DO NOT GET a room with a carpet, they dont clean the carpet between tenants so the area by the kitchen the carpet is sticky and stinks.

    The elevator is very old - and makes terrible noises when its in operation - so most people take the stairs.

  • Me and my wife had a wonderful stay at the apartment for two weeks. Here are our opinions from our experience:

    The things we love about Crown Court:
    1) Friendly and helpful staff.
    Let's start with the wonderful manager. When we first arrived, she took us up to our room and inspected everything carefully. She made a list of items we needed and promptly brought them up to us. She always greeted us with her sunny smile every time we passed by her office. She has asked us a few times if we needed anything else. Also, she remembered to send up the cleaner to refresh the room at the end of one week. It shows how well she runs the place. Nicole - you ROCK!!!!!
    The cleaning lady did a good job on the floor and bath room. The floor was shinny, and the kitchen/bathroom were well supplied with everything we needed.
    We also had a chance to test the service of the maintenance staff. We accidentally tripped a fuse on a Sunday. We gave him a buzz using the phone at the main desk. He responded and fixed the problem within 5 minutes. Considered that's on a Sunday, that's amazing!
    2) The location - close to the major highways; 5 min. walked to Giant Tiger (to get your snacks and groceries); one km from the beautiful Rockwood park, where I went for my daily jog/walk; had my hair cut for $6 just down the street; did the tour of downtown/uptown on foot.
    3) The price - We rented by the week. The weekly rate is cheaper than the going rate for a two night stay at a motel. I'm sure the rate is crazily good for monthly or longer term rentals too.

    Some posting mentioned about illegal activities happening in the parking lot. We didn't see anything of that sort during our stay. We looked out onto the parking lot often from our 5th floor window. We never observed any security issues in or outside of the building.

    The only thing we wish to have in our room is a comfortable sofa or chair to sit on while we read or watch TV. Otherwise the place is perfect.

    In summary, we appreciate the wonderful staff, the central location, and the clean, well equipped room. We will certainly consider staying there again next time we are in town.

  • Called to get prices for apartments.Very curious and informative.Like the idea of security locked building and really liked that it has parking available.Will definitely consider it.