COBS Bread Bakery

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  • All of the products sold here are incredibly fresh and delicious. And the service is impeccable! This is a great COBS location.

  • Cobs bread bakeries in Toronto are great! fresh products, friendly and welcoming staff and lots of choices for both savoury and sweet pastries not to mention great bread selection!

  • I generally love Cobs Bread and find their baked goods to be fantastic but this location specifically has to be the worst in terms of franchise management. Who doesn’t love to be patronized by a teenager telling you “you should have called ahead” not once, but on 3 separate occasions, when you actually had called ahead. There’s no point in telling people to call ahead if the phone never gets answered, ever. Seems like an issue that can be resolved with proper management and customer service protocols. Food is consistent and much like other locations.