10777 University Dr, Surrey, BC V3T 4B3, Canada

 +1 604-424-8276

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  • I was a tenant in the building and I just moved out recently. Lived there for a year and never had any problems in the building. They have amazing staff working in this building and great management team. Karan, the building manager is very polite and understanding. He goes beyond the call of duty, very helpful person.

  • Poor security service..they doesnt know how to give customer service and doesn't know what's going on around .found security several times taking nap

  • Poor security service ?? don’t know anything how to do customer services. They should honestly fire the security team there and hire a new one which knows how to talk to tenants and visitors

  • The worst security service i have ever came across. Honestly, the apartment needs a way better security company.

  • Poor security services , the security company should be removed. Doesn't know how to operate and run things smoothly.