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  • Johnny Jore is such a hardworking employee. He always keeps the corridors, elevator and the doors clean. He cleans them well and the building smells hygiene. When I need help at the building, he comes immediately and fixes what you asked. Doing his job, he smiles and enjoys, you understand that he loves his job. Thank you for everything!

  • I live next door to Johnny and his family and my experience thus far (with the upkeep and maintenance, and the noise-control of the building etc.) has been wonderful. The building is always clean and quiet, and the residents are friendly and welcoming. Pleasant community to be a part of. Great job and thank you for making my time at Chateau des Grives meaningful!

  • Everything is excellent. The floors, the hallways, elevators and the glass door at the main entrance are very clean. Johnny is a good guy and very hardworking.He is very helpful and smiling. And he always tries his best to speak french. We want him to work here for a very long time or forever.

  • it used to be a nice & quite place before they start working on other 5 building project close by, it has been 2 years and everyday wake up on the noise and building never stop shaking!
    if you plan to come to the building expect you will not get rid of this noise before another one year!
    except that it's good neighbourhood

  • So far it has been a pleasure to meet Johnnyand his wife, we are moving in Feb 28 2020 and we love everything, of course nothing in this world is perfect but I'm confident we will enjoy living there, stay tune for an update after we settle in our unit.

    TO Johnny and your wife: Keep up the good work.

    Phil Carol& Bruno.