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  • Professional and prompt service! Excellent level of communication along with monthly metrics involving Edmonton's Real Estate market! Highly Recommend!

  • Great Service! I have done several purchases through Platinum and have had prompt service from the realtors. Great time looking through property, good feedback on potential homes, and helping to get the deal done. Recommended!

  • I rent from them. They failed in doing their due diligence and had my back deck ripped out. Instead of keeping the boards which were in good condition Christine had them sawn up into chunks costing the owner much money with the knowledge of the Owner of the firm, John Stobbe. I am without a deck and have a mud hole. I have gone to court and have had a rent reduction. Unprofessional and unethical firm and unworthy of being a Century 21 Realtor.

    Remember that the unnecessary work was completed on September 13th of last year. Today they are only just replacing the deck. APEGA is doing a full review for the unnecessary work. Remember no qualified engineer inspected any of the foundations of any of the suites in this building. You had the unit owner's property destroyed for no purpose.

  • I used John Stobbe from Century 21 Platinum Realty for managing my house in Sherwood Park. I figured hiring a professional realtor accredited by the Real Estate Council of Alberta would help ensure I had a professional - Boy was I wrong!
    In May of this year during talks between the tenant John Stobbe and myself John fell silent. He would not respond to my tenants inquires or my own. John’s office would not answer if he was on holidays, they just ignored my query to see if John was in the office – they just stopped responding – century 21 Platinum Realty stopped responding weeks before my tenant’s lease was due for no explainable reason.
    I live out of country but have a local Edmonton phone number on my IP phone. I am very easy to contact. After weeks of trying to get in contact with John I sent him a termination letter due to his lack of professional behavior and gross insubordination in regards to the lease renewal for my property.
    The day after I terminated my contract with century 21 Platinum Realty contacted the tenant and told her that they would be entering my house. I had to pay for a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter to enforce the fact that they had been terminated and were no longer my property manager so a new manager could take over and provide proper service to myself and my tenant.
    They then made up a fee out of nowhere and called it a ‘management agreement termination fee’ for $340.00 – basically they charged me because I fired them for ignoring me and my tenant.
    On my last statement they also kept another $350.00 as a building reserve (for a building they no longer manage).
    When my new property manager took over they refused to transfer the $350.00 building reserve over to him. I still have no idea what it is for or if I will ever get it back?
    I am in the process of filing a complaint with the ‘Real estate Council of Alberta’ to help warn others of this unprofessional behavior with one of their accredited realtors.
    So long story short if you want to be ignored during important negotiations, if you want to have lawyer bills and if you want to have your money taken from your trust account without explanation then by all means use Century 21 Platinum realty to manage your property.
    I wish you could give no stars.

  • Poor service!! Never meet someone who always late like this guy!! If you look for this company You are going to wait for 45mins everytime !!! Yet the rent deposit did not refund within ONE MONTH / 30 DAYS!! UNREASONABLE deduction too!! Terrible company!! Horrible guy!!