Central Park Terrace Rental Apartments

 Central Park Terrace Rental Apartments

 1286 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, ON M9A 3K1, Canada

 +1 416-234-0946


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  • Lived here for a few years. I don't know what some others are saying but I never had or saw a bug problem while I was there.
    Arslan and Angelika did such a wonderful job when they came in to manage the building. Based on most of the reviews I see here, I am not alone thinking that. They were always attentive to my needs. They care for the building like its their own. From the day they started you could see changes. Little things. Making the lobby warmer and more inviting. Putting up holiday decorations. In general, doing everything you would expect from your property manager, and then some!
    Thank you to both of you for everything the past few years. My kids and I truly enjoyed our stay. And now.....Vancouver!

  • The building is beautiful, and location is perfect!
    Of all the rental buildings I've lived in I have never met a more helpful, knowledgeable, kind staff and the other tenants are all great too.
    I have had an incredibly positive experience so far at this building. No bugs, noise, smells.
    The building was incredibly accommodating with my move-in date, and my maintenance requests have always been completed the same day or a day later.
    Thanks Arslan and Angelika!
    I absolutely recommend living here, you'd be hard pressed to find a friendlier and more accommodating management staff.

  • The managers in 1286 building are so kind and cooperative. They are always there when you need them day and night. They are even ready to assist you out of the official working hours. I have been in several places but I never had building managers as good and friendly as these people.

  • Great location. Fairly quiet area. Everything is nearby (school, grocery, fastfood, parks etc.). Walk to TTC is less than 10 minutes. Airport is also just a few minutes away. Nearby school is also improving nicely (checked Fraser from time to time). We moved in to Canada and this is our first apartment. My family stayed here more than 3 years. Sadly, we had to find a bigger place as our family is growing. The couple managing this place (Arslan and Angelika) is top notch. They take pride in managing this place. You can see and feel the difference when you check out nearby apartments with the same age and other apartments in Toronto (friend visits). We were viewing another apartment in this area and we're so glad and thankful to have dropped by and checked this one too. Angelika was very nice and helpful from the day we were applying. It's always a pleasure catching up with Arslan whenever I come across him. Their kids are also kind and courteous. Feels like they're your good neighbors not just your typical property managers. I noticed that they're also picky on the type of tenants they want to live here. Never had any problems with other tenants in this building.

  • Visiting my friends in this building often, always clean and quiet building.
    Asked many current residents in the lobby, they so happy leave there.
    Many thanks to professional Building managers Arslan and Angelika who showed apt.
    Hope you will have 3 bd soon.