Centennial Place Residence

Centennial Place Residence

937 Progress Ave, Toronto, ON M1G 3T8, Canada

+1 416-438-2216


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  • We slept two nights at Centennial Place Residence and it was a bad experience. Even if it was a nice studio with kitchen appliances, the experience was bad. The air conditionner can’t be close, so it was cold all night long. The blanket bed was so thin that we thought it was a joke. The bed is not confortable. We got sick even if we put a jogging pant and sweater to sleep. They should not rent to visitor like this, people are on vacations, they don’t have extra blankets. If they want to rent because they have empty students rooms, they should offer basic
    services. I have a much better service in a cheap motel. I don’t write comments but I paid for a bad service and people must know.

    I put two stars because the breakfast and dinner is good at the Local restaurant.

  • Going into my second year of living at Centennial Place and honestly can't wait. The place is beautiful and has everything you could really need. The Management is especially friendly and so are all of the RLS staff. The place is very nice especially for those at Progress campus. If you are a Centennial student even if you are close to home I would recommend staying at Centennial place for at least your first year.

  • In July 2018, I signed a leasing agreement. I was stuck with this leasing with a addicted, smoker and messy guys. I couldn't resign this leasing and leave in other apartment because this agreement only benefit to Centennial. I had to find other person or leave Canada. I leaved Canada. Be careful with Centenial's leasing agreement.

  • In 2017, after several weeks of strike at Centennial College I had to request my definitive withdrawal from the program because I had to return to my country. In the contract I signed at Centennial Place Residence they indicated that only in the case of a program cancellation was it possible to request a partial refund. The day I left the residence, I personally handed in the residence administration the document in which the collge authorized my withdrawal from the program. At the residence they promised to send me a check with the refund to my home in my country, although I asked them if I could choose another way because it was not safe, and actually sending checks or cash in my country is not allowed and is unusual Either way, they didn't comply. Today, exactly two years later, I never received my refund, my money, which by law according to the contract we signed corresponds to me. I have proof of the emails that I sent to the Centennial Place Residence staff asking about my situation and that they never attended properly, even the last one was ignored. During these two years I went to the postal service of my city many times and there was never an answer, the Cenennial Place Residence staff did not even have proof that they sent the check, I requested a tracking number and their response was "We did not send the check with tracking number "absurdly they just told me" We sent it in a white envelope ", that's ridiculous. Currently my situation is being reviewed by a lawyer to find a solution to the breach of the contract, as evidently the check was never cashed because it was probably never sent!

    Please, think very well before choosing this place to live, besides being very loud, nobody complies with the code of conduct or the lease.

  • Centennial Place Residence is much more than having a pleasant space to live; provides intangible assets that are very important for the human person, which are not easy to find and that money cannot buy: accompaniment, security, friendship, human warmth, smiles, opportunities for living with other young people, all in an atmosphere of respect, complemented by the support and advice of the staff of the hosting company ... and that for my daughter, and for us that is very important.
    I was able to check all of the above, when visiting her in the summer, enjoying the comforts of the residence.
    Greatings from Mexico .