Castle Green

 Castle Green

 1265 Sixth Line, Oakville, ON L6H 1X2, Canada

 +1 905-842-8960

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  • Well its been two years since my wife and I moved into our spacious 2 bedroom apartment overlooking Lake Ontario, the Niagara Escarpment and a beautiful view of the fairways of a private golf course..WOW...
    Our superintendent is amazing..always helping with our needs...she has a solution for everything and is always cleaning..decorating and letting us know whats happening in our building.
    Our building is having a facial transformation and it looks great..I just wish the workers could have finished ours..but well just have to wait till spring..Our neighbours are all great and friendly..Pets are everywhere and its so nice to see everybody walking with them and especially cleaning up after them..We have always parked outside in the past but now we have our own private underground parking spot and its awesome especially when its raining..cold or snowing. We love it..Well thats about it..we are looking forward to 2017 because the management is going to keep updating and sefely maintaining our Castlegreen commumity...
    God Bless you..
    Keep up the Spirit...
    The Zuzic Family