Castell Road Apartments – Skyline Living

Castell Road Apartments – Skyline Living

810 Castell Rd, Kingston, ON K7M 5X1, Canada

+1 613-449-2240

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  • Do not expect to get your deposit back no matter how clean you leave your place. They will claim the carpet needs to be replaced and the walls need to be painted and, surprise surprise, it will come up to exactly the amount of your deposit. In my case they were going to repaint and re-carpet my place before I moved in. That was to take a month so I went to a hotel as I had just moved to Kingston. After 2 months in the hotel I insisted that I move in. Turns out they had done nothing at all in those 2 months. They hadn't even cleaned it. So I said I'd clean it up but mentioned they can't charge me for that carpet or the painting when I left and they said "no problem". Then they changed the building manager and the old manager didn't bother to tell them. As such I got stuck paying for the whole thing despite them coming and doing a review of the place before I left. They said I'd need to steam clean the carpets and did not mention paint at all. I figured it was easier to just let them do it and take that out of my deposit as it was under $75 to have it done by their recommended person. However on the day I moved out they suddenly insisted that I had to pay to replace the carpet and repaint the room and that would come to exactly the amount they owed me so... we were even!

  • The apartments are decent but a little on the small side, but in a nice quiet family school area. The problem with the place is the "resident manager" he pretty much runs the place like a prison, you can't do this, you can't do that, you can't have this or can't have that. He's an unhelpful, sketchy, rude and ignorant man who's almost never around anywhere. He just seems like a very sketchy person who makes you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, we spend every day trying to avoid bumping into him or have any interaction with him. He plays very loud music in his apartment often and what even sounds like drums as well. He's not suitable for the job he has, very unreliable and not particularly friendly. Makes us very unhappy and uncomfortable to be living here but unfortunately we cannot afford to move out as much as we desperately want to

  • Please do not support this company. They are not looking out for their tenants, but only their bottom line. It is a corporation of salary-based slumlords cutting costs to climb the ladder quicker. They are the embodiment of poor management coupled with exception greed.

  • Here's what you can expect from being a tenant at Skyline:

    Amenities like free storage lockers being ripped out only to be replaced by lockers you have to pay for.

    Sauna room being decommissioned

    No workout room

    An outdoor pool which is only open in the summer (and was only open for 2 weeks in August of this year and then was padlocked after not being cleaned)

    No elevators

    No maintenance person to address maintenance issues

    Switching over from inclusive utilities to having to pay hydro on top of high rental prices for very small 1 bedroom apartments

    A revolving door of resident managers who only stay for months at a time. I've heard rumours that our newest resident manager might also be leaving us.

    And worst of all an assistant manager who tells everybody he is the manager and acts like the warden. He lies about everything and is very creepy and childish and makes tenants feel uncomfortable, especially females. If you dare to file complaints against him he will harass you until you move out or provoke you into doing something in retaliation so that he can evict you. And this lunatic has keys to everybody's apartment.