Calgary Housing Company – South District

 Calgary Housing Company – South District

 6624 Centre St S #18, Calgary, AB T2H 0C6, Canada

 +1 587-390-1200

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Apt Calgary – Calgary,AB

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  • Had a wonderful time living in the White Haven Manor. Awesome property management, great location and really lovely, updated suites. We had nothing but good times renting from them! Always quick to answer.

  • Great experience except for the awful party people on my floor... EVERY weekend its screaming and yelling and clouds of pot smoke in the halls and in my unit. I get it, its legal... but it reeks to high heaven and makes me nauseous immediately. The lease says this is not allowed and this should not be happening at all. Otherwise great place to be.

  • You don't ever want to own property near their rental units. Their tenants are savages and expect everyone to clean up after them. Any other landlord in the city would be forced to clean up and fined, however, not Calgary Housing Authority. They wait for the neighbours to report them to 311 (their governing body). This organization is a serious joke. I have tried everything from contacting them directly to 311 to my district counsellor. Disgusting.

  • Constant yelling in my apartment since feburary this year and also people slamming doors from other people in my building and I've called the property manager countless times and nothing gets done about it and when you do complain it seems like you are annoying them because they have to do their job and very frustrating because if you complain they make you feel like they want you gone even though all you want is peace and quiet definitely would not recommend for anyone

  • Worst company I have ever rented with. I definitely do not recommend if you are looking for a landlord that will actually respond to your concerns