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Britannia Beach Apartments & Homes – CLV Group

348 Zephyr Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 6A1, Canada

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  • Nick was great, seamless move in. Place was clean and presentable. Quiet area. Any questions I had were promptly answered. Thanks!

  • Review about 2750A Marie street apartment 10 (2 bedroom unit - after living 1 year):

    - master bedroom next to the main entrance (huge noise in the morning and evening)
    - master bedroom next to the gym (so you can hear when someone is using treadmill and a lot of people are using during late evenings !)
    - master bedroom next to the stairwell (noise when people are using stairs/doors)
    - only one big wardrobe in the unit located in master bedroom which makes strange loud crackle sound few times per day
    - huge amount of big and small ants all over the unit
    - half year ago they have changed boiler which is located next to the main entrance (which means next to the master bedroom) so during warm weather when windows are open you can hear LOUD noise coming from boiler all day and night!!!!
    - you can't regulate heating system during winter (only open the windows if it's too hot?!)
    - building don't have CCTV (after just living 2 weeks in the unit I witnessed when big dog attacked elderly person!)
    - smoking is allowed so u can smell in corridor smoke and if you open your windows also smoke is coming to your unit as people are smoking on the balconies
    - it's pet friendly building and a lot of people have big dogs (at least 2 big aggressive dogs in the building)
    - to use washing machine you need to use coins
    - expensive rent as unit is after cheap "renovation"
    - little kitchen don't have ventilation system so when you are frying or using oven - fire alarm system is on all the time!
    - if your neighbor is cooking curry you can feel curry all over your unit too
    - low, popcorn style ceiling with cracks
    - building don't have elevator
    - not family friendly surroundings of the building as no even one bench to seat down or playground for kids
    - new people moving to this building all the time
    - new neighbors moved in recently upstairs with few toddlers (so don't need to mention about noise level during day and evening)

    - convenient location next to the supermarkets
    - maintenance team very helpful (totally opposite about people sitting at the rent office at Zephyr st)
    - small gym in the building
    - during winter snow is cleaned regularly

    P.S. when I was moving to this building I couldn't find any reviews online and now I know why (mostly elderly people lives in this building and once they die unit is quickly renovated in cheap way to be able charge higher rent).

  • After a long search, at last we have our home in Britannia Beach apartments. The neighborhood, the view, the apartments are the main reasons for us to move in. But after moving in, we also see that Clv group staff is always with us in any problems, wishes.
    it's very important to be sure of your landlord is caring and helping the tenants.
    And CLV is just like that.

  • Great customer service my experience was outstanding. , she was very friendly and accommodating. Her name is Kacey.
    I love my apartment building. Nice and quiet and clean.

  • Very professional service, responses were a bit slow but that is likely due to the high volume of people looking for housing.
    The building is kept very clean and all staff is very personable and professional. Maintenance requests are dealt with promptly and completed as per request. Really beautiful part of town.