Brighton Court Apartments

 Brighton Court Apartments

 350 Elliott St E, Windsor, ON N9A 6Y7, Canada

 +1 519-256-7841

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  • I lived there for nearly a year and I have to say, the experience there was amazing. To begin, the building as a whole is an amazing place to live in. The people living there were some of the best neighbors that I've ever had, and I've lived in 5 different houses. Definitely a suggestion for people willing to live in Windsor.

  • Lived here for a year till Jan this year. Place was good but management sucked. The day we went to look at the apartment, hey were very sweet and seemed genuine and I ignored the reviews here. But I urge you to believe them, the experience of living there was completely different. They were extremely rude any time I had to deal with them. Even for stuff I can't control like water leaking into my kitchen from the apartment above.

    Heard it's changed since I've left, not sure if they're any better though. Apparently it had changed right before I moved in too.

    Would suggest a different place for the money based on my experience.

  • Management enters apartment with key before being let in.
    Management has harrassed and screamed at residents.
    Building owners were emailed with complaints of harrassment of vulnerable residents and cannot be bothered to return message.
    Strongly reccomend looking elsewhere unless you like being harrassed or mistreated.
    Current management hates dogs and will do anything to get you evicted if have one, even though its a pet friendly building.
    Repair orders go ignored. Same flooring, counters and cupboards that were damaged when resident moved in four years ago and were promised to replace.