Bradwick Property Management

 Bradwick Property Management

 420 Airport Rd, North Bay, ON P1B 8N2, Canada

 +1 705-474-2996

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  • Been here since October, my place has flooded twice. They are terrible at repairing things in a timely matter (took them 3 months to come in and fix my bedroom window). They just bandaid the issues instead of fixing them.Would not recommend Bradwick to anyone.

  • What a rude unprofessional crew. Even the secretaries when you call to report an issue they are rude as hell.

  • My friend lives here and is having problems with sewer water flooding in their apartment. The building staff was rude and refused to replace the soiled carpet until they demanded them to. They agreeded but were extremely rude and passive aggressive. This place needs to be reported.

  • I rented a house from Bradwick for a few years, I found the staff to be courteous helpful and the house was always in good state of repair. I recently purchased a home but I didn't I would still be a tenant of Bradwick's.

  • The property management seems kind of lazy and slow when addressing issues with regards to flaws in their building structure and heating within the units. The woman in charge (Laura, who has been pretty condescending any time I've had to speak with her) will talk you out of having building maintenance come to solve the issue and will instead tell you to do it yourself, because a 23yr old woman will do the exact same thing a paid maintenance crew member would do in terms of their job.

    Find landlords who care about their tenants instead of ones who pawn their duties off to poorly run management companies is all the advice I can give to anyone inquiring about a unit through bradwick.