Bloor Jane Restaurant

 Bloor Jane Restaurant

 2434 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P9, Canada

 +1 416-766-5383

(5 reviews)

Bloor West Village Apartments – Bloor West Village,ON

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  • The Bloor Jane is a true community diner. Bustling on the weekends, sleepy during the week, and a delicious greasy spoon breakfast served by a team that has been cooking for the Bloor West neighbourhood for decades. A staple of Bloor West!

  • Ordered the steak on Kaiser. 10+ Love this greasy spoon 70's throwback diner. The furniture looks like it's never been changed and is part of the overall character and vibe.

  • I have been coming here for 44 years. It brings me great comfort each time. Most importantly, the food is good.

  • Spectacular breakfast! Amazing diner ambiance, like stepping back in time. Reminds me of the many Greek run diners in the many small towns of my life before Toronto.

  • This place is so awesome. Love the old school look of this diner and the breakfast was great. The staff speaking Greek to one another brings a smile to my face.