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 Blink Bonnie – Homestead Land Holdings

 136 Bay St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3H5, Canada

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2 Bedroom Apartment Hamilton – Hamilton,ON

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  • The worst one forever. This building is full of bed bugs. I have to check every where every night to kill them! They did sprayed but it didn’t work. Homestead shame on you! New balconies, new corridors with bedbugs!!! Ha ha ha!! Good job!
    I am so happy that I want to leave this hell very soon.

  • The worst one forever. This building is full of bed bugs. I have to check every where every night to kill at list 10 bed bugs ! They did sprayed but it didn’t work. Homestead shame on you! New balconies, new corridors with bedbugs!. I throw mu all furniture.i slept in the floor.still bite manager this building from last year. Cleaner change every one week. No responsible any body solve your apartment problem. Shame on you! Apartment is very cold. No heat .

  • Cockroaches. Bed Bugs. Just Unbelievable. It was cockroaches during spring time and now bed bugs. It's like they were afraid that we might get bored or something. Moreover. The apartment was always too cold to live in during the winter times. Aparently they set the temperature to the minimal temperature that you can legally set at. Well. Let me tell you. It is too cold darling. There's a problem if I have to sleep in hoodies and 3xblanket. Now I got to explain that, we did not see any signs of bed bugs before the pest control or bed bug prevention. I started seeing them after it was done. With that being said. I did my best to clean, organize and wash everything, every week. I checked everywhere. Every place that I can get to at least. I washed everything. I also threw a lot of things too. A LOT. But, unfortunately, nothing seems to work. Those bed bugs would always appear out of nowhere. Just. Unbelievable. I am now losing sleep every. single. night. I am concerned. If not for my physical health, then it is my mental health. There's just more that can be done and should be done. Instead of: repainting the garage, walls, and doors; new balconies that took forever and is still not half way done yet; oh and what? Installing new corridors and door threshold. Exciting. Who would want to wake up knowing that they have been feeding bugs all night. I mean. I gotta say. This building did a AWESOME job giving me a therapy to treat my bug phobia. I appreciate it. A lot. Oh yes. I have been waken up by bed bugs again. I was bored. So I wrote this. I wish we can work something out Homestead. :) Seriously. I hope you guys can do something with the problems the building(s) (bay 200 have bb too) have. I have 5 months to go before the lease ends? To be honest, I really want to leave before then.

    Did spray. BB still everywhere. Waiting for second treatment. Can't wait. Still having hard time falling asleep. Studying at this place to me is looking everywhere for bb in this refrigerator unit while holding a textbook. My school library is safer than here.

    I complained to Homestead the other day about a violation of heat by-law. Rental units were suppose to have at least 20°C from September 15 to May 15. On the day I wrote my complaint letter it was about 9 degrees outside with no heater on. You could imagine the chills. They were very quick to respond to my letter and called me to tell me that they have already turned the heater on a month ago. The lady said, if you are experiencing problems, you can submit a work order form. I did. Along with a cockroach prevention work order. Did not hear back since then. Funny enough. I later found out she lied to me because all my neighbours had no heat.

    Had all three of my treatment done. Decrease in BB population. Still around here and there. They gave me a notice about a rent increase yesterday. LMAO. You think I'm gonna pay more to stay here. HERE? AFTER ALL THIS? It is obvious thst they don't want me here. Why? Renovations = Higher rents = This b gotta get out ?

    I also had a chance to talk to my neighbour about this ongoing BB problem. They said they had 12 treaments already. Over about a year and a half period of time. They went to the government for an inspection at their unit. And they said that "it's the building". ?

    SO to Frank and Kat. I miss you guys. After all the changes with offices and staffs. We don't have an office anymore and now we need to go to 200 Bay to face this angry old lady. This short-sighted, angry manager never listens to what we have to say. How did she get this job?

    Now that after all the treatments and another tmr... My cat is terrified of boarding. Now its not even a matter of how expensive boarding is...I have to skip classes to take my cat out so he doesnt have to go to boarding...

    Dec 24
    Merry Christmas y'all. Going to have my 7th(?) bb treatment soon.

    I realized they took down all my photos. INteRestiNG.