Belcarra Regional Park

Belcarra Regional Park

2375 Bedwell Bay Rd, Belcarra, BC V3H 4S3, Canada

+1 604-520-6442

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  • Nicely groomed trails and good not too steep stairs. The fresh breeze of the lake was heavenly.

  • This is a great area. Swimming, boating, hiking. It has it all. The park fills up very early on the weekend and they will close the gate to stop vehicles if parking is full.
    There is also a gang of Canadian Geese on the beach. If you don't bug them they will not bug you.
    Also, there is an offleash dog park with access to the water, which is nice

  • Leave before 8:59pm or you're getting locked in. For real. If you arrive at the gate at 9:00pm you're screwed... The DB rangers will have left and you'll have to call the Belcarra fire department (they have a key).

  • I love this park above and beyond! The trails are fantastic, well-marked and maintained, it is usually not crowded, and it relatively easy to get to. Apart from the Dilly-Dally loop I have done all of them, and I particularly liked the Diez Vistas trail. I highly recommend it!