Bayshore Groups

 Bayshore Groups

 282 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 0B4, Canada

 +1 905-228-1712

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  • They hired our company to perform some work but now to get a hold of them is impossible. No one answers a phone or returns a call.

  • What is with this company! They come into town like they own it. Start the work on GM and now it's not even close to being finished! I see this everyday driving through St. Catharines, the whole area is a ghost town. No equipment in sight as well as no workers! What kind of INCOMPETENCE would take on the bidding of this project, and not bid it accordingly to the point that they can't even finish the job!! This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

  • I sold this group my home in Jan.2019 and closing was May 3rd.
    Closer to closing my lawyer suggested something was wrong.
    No sign of anyone.
    My sales rep was chasing them , her sales rep. Chasing her, lawyers up in arms...... just really terrible business ethics. Now it's May 10th and we still have no concrete commitment from them just a bunch of excuses and request for extension which they're not willing to compensate for.

  • "Dishonest company; owners are very dishonest, dealing with a bunch of promises with broken contracts. They live the life of luxury but cannot pay invoices and tax bills. Poor excuse for corporate citizens. Attn: Bill collectors! Find them at Sherkston Beach New Large Double lot Trailers. 148/149 Wyldewood. They act like they own the resort.