Aynsley Apartments

 Aynsley Apartments

 95 Barlake Ave, Hamilton, ON L8E 1H1, Canada

 +1 905-561-2686


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Apartments For Rent In Stoney Creek – Stoney Creek,ON

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  • Horrible staff, no manners, no respect to humanity, I have no words to express how bad they are in dealing with their customers

  • its a horrible place because two OLD women sitting there for nothing
    Still they need to know how to deal with clients over phone or in person...it was a very very bad experience
    Irresponsible people

  • Its the worst place to live in the have no respect to no one being racist to people they don't show respect to no one they dont do there job well....

  • This place is the absolute worst place to rent and people get robbed almost every other day..I have gotten robbed twice myself..once by their own superintendents of the building and they have no respect and no sense of responsibility whatsoever towards their tenants..if u dont wanna get robbed and be disrespected then never ever rent a place here in this building