Appartement Le Parc

 Appartement Le Parc

 3450 Rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3G 1Y2, Canada

 +1 514-845-5294

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  • Yes, we are having some repairs, it's a good thing. The place is getting better and better. Soon it will be over, we live in one of the nicest location in Montréal ! The staff, doormen are really caring. I have been living here for over 5 years, I feel privilege and lucky to be in this wonderful location!

  • The heater and AC works either way , so if u feel cold at night or whatever late fall you cant heat the room up!!! This is so funny cause we pay for hydro quebec and we cant even decide about our place temprature ! Not happy with the place ! Setting the temp as u want is the first first right u should have in a building like this.

  • They are always starting a reconstruction issue and keep doing it very slowly in a very long time like a year or more.
    7-8 months before the I am writing they started painting and removing some lights in
    Aisles but still it's not installing new one.
    Always they are drilling some walls and screwing long after!
    Nobody knows what would be finished these issues.
    Non of them answers how long we have to bear r e c o n s t r u c t i o n . . . !

  • My friend who lived in the building let us stay at her place for free while she was away on holiday since she didn't want to sublet her place just for 2 months. The managment insisted on charging us $250 for administration fee but since it's not a lease transfer or sublet we did not feel it's necessary to do that. After a month stay, the building manager knocked on the door and decided to kick my girlfriend and my dog out of the apartment on the Osheaga weekend with 3 hours notice and change the lock which I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I would not recommend anybody to live in this building as the managment are a bunch of money grabbing, heartless people. They intimate tenants who has limited knowledge of laws and has no regards of anyone.