AON Inc.

 AON Inc.

 307 Aylmer St N, Peterborough, ON K9J 7M4, Canada

 +1 705-742-5445

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House For Rent Peterborough – Peterborough,ON

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  • We have been in contact with Victoria Robinson now for many many months, she has been great. She has gave us step by step instructions and really has gone above and beyond with answering everything little question in an extremely timely manner. Absolutely no problems and if anyone is interested in these apartments I really suggest talking to Victoria.

  • 3 times I've had people unlawfully enter my apartment without prior notice (Which is in violation of the landlord tenant act) at the hands of this company. The most recent of times they sent a plumber with the express instructions that he could enter my apartment if I didn't answer. This resulted in him walking into my apartment WITH HIS CHILD while my fiance and I were half naked sleeping on our bed with our bedroom door wide open. This company constantly breaches privacy and has no regard for their tenants. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  • Building is filled and surrounded by drug addicts (atleast 4 overdoses a week), theyll damage the properties and peep through windows but the company does nothing to help clean up the issue and keep their tenants secure.