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  • On Monday April 17th around 4AM, I received a call from my mother who was babysitting for me that the apartment was flooding. I had contacted the apartment manager and she notified me that she was on her way to inspect. By the time I got home on Monday around 9AM the lower cabinet base had collapsed and there was massive water damage from ceiling above the sink leading up to the bathroom. My mom had to clean up a lot of the mess. I spent my two days off work cleaning, and my toddler was not able to stay at home due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. I'm very upset regarding the mishandling of things. They told me I had to wait until Friday to speak with Patrice. Upon speaking with Patrice when she came to inspect the damage, she told me that there would be no compensation and that I would have to go through my insurance company. I understand Skyline management had no way of knowing this would happen, but this is an extreme inconvenience to me and my family. It has caused a great burden and a lot of stress as I have to pay for child care services and food that we had to buy as our kitchen was unusable. It's been a week and my child still cannot come home because the carpet is wet from the cleaning solution and there are still wood chippings all over. Earlier this week, I was also slapped with a rent increase of 2%. This is absolutely unacceptable and insincere. I do not feel like a valued tenant and I do not feel that this place can be called home anymore. Patrice said if I’m unhappy that I am free to move without notice. To have to wait all this time and to be told that there is nothing that can be done is regrettable. I will not be recommending any family or friends to this apartment company. I have picture and video footage as evidence should you need it for future reference.

  • The apartment building is always clean. Management is always on site and available if an issue arises. Mike, Cole and Jas are respectful and always working hard. Clean laundry area and party room available to rent. Couldn’t ask for more out of an apartment building.