Alexander Hamilton House

 Alexander Hamilton House

 49 Van Wyck St, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520, USA

 +1 914-271-6737

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Hamilton House – Hamilton,ON

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  • My husband and I had a beautiful, relaxing week's stay in late September, and are already planning our next visit for Thanksgiving week. It's a great location for us when we visit friends and family in NY. And Tom, who runs the inn, is the consummate professional and a gourmet chef. He also manages somehow to be incredibly warm and and welcoming. Tom makes a marvelous inn even better!

  • Very expensive for openers,,,small rooms.....and they have the balls to charge you 1 dollar for a bag of small chips. NEVER AGAIN, SYD.

  • Do not believe the web page for this B&B. We stayed there Fall of 2016 and it is awful. I can only understand positive reviews if they were from visits perhaps years ago. Today the B&B is a "Cash Cow" for the owner, meaning he is milking it for all he can get. The carpet in our room we did not want to walk on without shoes; the shower control was from the 20's and did not work; the water pressure in the shower was so low my wife could not wash her hair; the TV in the lounge area did not work; there was no tea or coffee out for guests during the day or evening; the owner had small bags of snacks out for guests, but charged a dollar a bag (Really! While charging over $200 per night !); the parking is called ample on the web site, but it is limited and difficult; the book he gives you says do not park on the street, but if there are five cars in his small lot, you must park on the street. The swimming pool had dirt on the bottom he never cleaned while we were there. Do not stay here. We are angry...Can you tell....!! And the other guests at breakfast expressed similar disappointment and upset, although one of them...for a higher price, had the one fancy bathroom in the whole house. the one he shows on the Web Page.