70 Spadina Road

 70 Spadina Road

 Apartments, 70 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2T6, Canada

 +1 647-285-3881


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  • I have just moved to Toronto. I arrived at Pearson Airport on April 1, 2016, and paid for a cab service to take me to my cousin’s apartment at 70 Spadina Road. I really enjoy the area surrounding 70 Spadina Road. It is a good mixture of young people and old people, from many many different backgrounds.

    After I received my first job in Toronto, my cousin introduced me to Wynn Group representatives so I could also rent apartment at 70 Spadina Road. Landlords were very nice and helpful, made me feel welcome in my new city. My new home is very spacious and modern. I am on a high floor and I have a very nice view of Toronto. My neighbors are nice and I have no problems with my apartment.

  • this building is a cess pool slum infested with roaches. new management only cares about renovating units rather than maintaining basic health and safety standards. stay away unless you want to live in an urban slum

  • Building staff has been great here so far. Very helpful and always available for questions.

  • Really nice condos, but completely unaffordable and contributes to the housing issues in this city.