1-241 Shaughnessy St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3E8, Canada

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House Rent Sudbury – Sudbury,ON

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  • I have been renting from this company since July 1 2018
    They did not notify me or other tenants who moved in the same weekend that there was a major infestation of nice and roaches . I have been living in horror and my children are very stressed . They do not return calls or give a cheap about their tenants . The property manager said himself he doesn't care. DO NOT RENT ANY OF THEIR PROPERTIES .ALL ARE SLUM BUILDINGS even their office is infested . That's why they don't care. They are used to roaches and mice

  • Cockroaches in the buildings and it's impossible to get ahold of anyone in the office if you have problems with windows, heating, appliances, and mould. DONT RENT FROM THEM

  • 232 second Ave N Sudbury. The inside of the apartment are beautiful but the outside of the building & the property are not maintain at all. The hallways are still under construction & I've lived there for 10minths now. There is no proper garbage or recycling disposal. The parking lot is awful with pavement all ripped up.

  • Multiple contacts to the office and texting directly to the owner regarding the leaking roof at 323 second ave north with no response. While I was away on vacation in the summer, an oven was put into my apartment (entering without permission, was supposed to go next door). An honest mistake and the owner was quick to call me after I texted him that time and apologize. Last winter, heat stopped working during wintwr and there was 0 communication from the owner on when it would be fixed. This list can go on as we have lived here for about 4 years now. Very fed up with the leaking roof and lack of any maintenance here. There is so much more potential.
    Cannot wait to leave.