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 3D Property Management

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  • They dont know what theu ate doing. In 3 months they. Gave 3 invinction notice. Best part all they had to do is get one person. To get one to look. oerson to open who direct pay when 3 D. Shows it was. 3 D. Are not what they.think they are. I have couple of words. SLUM. Lords. Which actually 3 D making the Land lords bad. 3 D. Is. Not a repable company

    taking. Alook. Very unproffessonal we dont live there now but nothing chance. Floors are going to cave in. And there cracks in th foundation ocer a tear they promise new window and get it livable but ,has it. No. Put a bandage on it for people that

  • For the entire month of October, I was without heat in my apartment. The issue was not repaired promptly. When it was repaired, heat climbed to 27ºC in my unit with all windows open. When I asked for the overheating issue to be repaired, I was told that the temperature is as low as possible without affecting the hot water system of the building. As it is unreasonable to ask someone to tolerate this heat for three months (duration required to void a lease), I then proceeded to see how I could void my lease agreement sooner to escape the heat.

    When I asked 3D property management to break my lease agreement, I was told I had to provide written notice and wait three months. While I understand this is procedure, it is unreasonable to expect a human to sustain 29ºC temperatures for so long.

    In addition to heating, multiple issues arose in the unit, such as a leak in the ceiling that gushed water when it rained (still awaiting repair), no hot water in kitchen for a month, inability to access mailbox, and no laundry machine. While some of these issues may have been repaired, little to NO communication was provided throughout the process, leaving me to guess when the issues were rectified.

    I would highly recommend seeking rental from an alternative property management company to avoid the headache I will endure filing a Tenant's Application of Assistance.

  • The company staff is unfriendly.
    I viewed a one bedroom apartment, then I tried to rent it. But they refused and they told me by law we don't rent one bedroom for a family of 3 person (Mom, Dad and 16 months child). At least they should post this condition and do not waste people time.
    I contact service New Brunswick regarding the apartment occupancy and I received email from residential tenancies tribunal stating within the Residential Tenancies Act, there is no requirement as to how many people can occupy an apartment.
    I called the company and inquired what kind of law you referred to if the Act has no such limitation. Unexpectedly received unprofessional answer from unprofessional lady, that we are not renting to you go and look somewhere else or rent 2 rooms with us and hang up on me.
    Very unprofessional customer service.
    Thier Ads has not showing such limitation.
    Waste of time.
    Vague legislation and laws they Abide to.
    Over all, was a very unpleasant way of saying no and poor customer oriented

    This part is added later on 4th of Dec, after receiving your feedback which is sum up that you followed the company law.
    I am sorry it is misleading I had been told by your unprofessional personnel it is the province law. No where you mentioned it is company's law.. if you said so I wouldn't bother email back in forth New Brunswick tenant department.
    This company laws is not posted and simply you can update each single post by the maximum occupancy.
    In order not to waste anyone time and differently not to deal with your people, they are or specifically she is very poor in dealing with the people

  • If I could I would give them a 0 rating. This is the most unprofessional and appalling property management company to ever exist on the face of this planet. They care about none of their tenants and the owner of the company has no interest in fixing ANY issues. They also don't follow the law that they are required to, like submitting your damage deposit to the Rentalsman. I had to put in a complaint and escalate it after over a year of living there for them to submit it, when they legally have 15 days from the date of receiving it. I lived at 145 Metcalf. One neighbour claimed to be the owners son, but apparently was not. My trouble with him started when I asked him to put a towel under his door because he smokes marijuana in a non smoking building and the smell would come into my apartment and my childrens bedroom. In turn he was would lock my children out of the building continuously even though (after the front door was kicked in) none of us had a key to the new lock for over a month. He constantly had friends over and one night he carried a barely conscious intoxicated girl up the back steps, waking up my kids. The neighbours downstairs were constantly screaming and fighting and had police involvement numerous times. 3D did nothing. Even AFTER providing videos. On one occasion I was called while at work because they said someone had smashed one of my apartment windows in. It turned out to be incorrect. None of the windows on the whole building were broken, and instead of apologizing for the inconvenience of having to leave work I was threatened that I would lose my parking spot because I had two vehicles. My final straw was when it took 4 police officers to get a neighbour into the back of a police car during a psychotic break and another neighbours window was smashed out with a metal baton. So I moved. During my last month of occupancy, one neighbour threatened me because a brick was thrown through his 3rd story building and so he smashed my vehicles window. Still management did nothing. Not to mention there are rodents because one neighbour constantly throws food on the ground in the driveway. The bathtub is rotting behind the walls. The electrical is completely messed. I paid my rent early every month. One month they even sent me an eviction notice when I had paid my rent approximately 12 days early. They really have no idea what they are doing and they certainly do not care. I was a great tenant. The apartment is in 100% better shape because I fixed it up on my own dime. Now they are trying to keep 25$ of my damage deposit which is illegal for a pet fee that they aren't even legally allowed to charge. Do yourself a favour and find a different company.

  • UPDATED (living in the appartment for over 3 months no one has came to even look at these issues.
    They threatened to evict us for 2 different reasons now. And the first one they didnt even put in there computer. And the second was because our neighbor controls our heat so we have to have a window open and fans going.
    There was a fire in the building and I wasn't home. They didnt even call to let me know.
    The walls are in such bad shape you can put a hole in them with a little pressure from your thumb. )

    So far in the "fully renovated" apartment the things that have gone wrong are:
    (On top of giving them an extra month to work on the appartment)
    They didnt crack fill or paint the walls
    The yard is a mess
    We have mice (after being told the appartment is mice free)
    Sink clogged with paint
    And after I paid for the 3 bottles of drain cleaner our sink is leaking.
    2 broken windows in our French doors
    1 broken door knob
    One bedroom only had half a door knob
    Our fridge doesn't work properly along with a rotten piece so one of are shelves cant stay up
    Our heaters eather dont work or leak (hot water heaters)
    The clock/timer on our stove is broken
    1 damaged outlet
    On top of paint stuck too our windows, counter tops and the only noticeable new pieces to the appartment our floors (that have paint all over them) and bathroom tiles.
    And now our bathroom and master bedroom are leaking (not to mention our back stairs are slippery due to the leaking in the ceiling)
    After 3 weeks the only thing they came and fixed were the door knobs.