350 The East Mall Apartments

 350 The East Mall Apartments

 350 The East Mall, Etobicoke, ON M9B 3Z7, Canada

 +1 416-239-2168


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  • This place is a joke, poorly ran and maintained. Good luck finding the superintendents to inquire about anything, even though office hours state 8-5. They're never there. Constantly under construction of some kind, weekly repairs of elevators that leave seniors stuck inside as they cannot walk the stairs. Water is also constantly shut off with NO notice. And good luck if you have friends coming to visit, there is no place to park as the few spaces we have are used by people visiting neighboring condo, and of course good luck reporting this to the Supers as there have been many times the supers see this and just walk away, they do NOT do their jobs at all. Place is also getting overrun with cockroaches thanks to the filthy people they're now renting too. Was a nice place to live years ago, NOW I say, run!!!! DEFINITELY not worth the $$$

  • if you like the sounds of hammering,banging,chiseling at 9am-5pm every weekday than this is the place for you! Here...apartments are constantly being completley renovated due to tenants moving out, and our brand new elevators are breaking down regularly. vermon is also an existing and ongoing problem! cockroaches,ants you get the idea! i dont expect this review to be up very long and you wont see any others ones because when management sees them...they are erased! dont you think its a little suspicious that a 40-60 year old building has 0 reviews good or bad?