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  • The person who interviews people on first meeting is great until there’s a problem than look out he Goes off the rails if there is something he does not like will not listen and has been known to tell that person he will kick your family out .

  • I lived here for a year, I also own a local business. Servicemaster Restore.
    The property manager contracted me to deodorize a unit before it was painted after a messy tenant left. I took me 8 months to get paid, I had to jump through a million loops. I never would have done the work had I know what I was in for.

    Now that I have moved out I was charged 125 for cleaning of the stove, a fair and warranted charge. My issue is that after 2 weeks the collection department is calling me threatening my credit is I don’t pay right away.

    Don’t you think think they should have to wait for their money like I did?