252/256 St. Andrews Apartments

 252/256 St. Andrews Apartments

 252/256 St Andrews St, Cambridge, ON N1S 4T9, Canada

 +1 888-236-7767


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1 Bedroom Apartment Cambridge – Cambridge, ON

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  • very clean and comfortable no insects they clean the corridors also its very safe . if we have problems they solve it quickly the super attendant she is amazing woman Jackie. but the Landry room a little bit dirty and expensive.

  • The building at 252 St. Andrews St. in Cambridge is clean and quiet and a great location. The superintendent, Jackie, is very friendly and respectful and the prompt reply to maintenance requests makes it a great place to live.

  • The owners do not care. When we first went there we were on woodside, they put us infront a dumpster and the front door had a hole beside the lock big enough to fit a crowbar in. We transfered to st andrew st. We were on the third floor and the stairs was too hard with the baby but they wouldnt let us transfer again.

    In jan We sent in our noticed. He said he lost it, when we gave him another he said we cant give one after the first. We moved out because our lease was up. He charged us 650 for not being able to sell the unit and took it straight to collections without noticed even though we kept going back to check mail. He never gave back our last month's rent. I dont understand how anyone could do this to a first time family.

    This one guy was telling us that he had a 300 dollar bill so he demanded to see the meter, he noticed one meter. Which means they tally up all the tenants electricity and divide it by how many tenants. He claims he no longer has to pay electricity.

    I heard recently that they have a cockroach problem.
    If you want to see domestic abuse in the parking lot by all means.
    I hope this slum lord gets replaced.

    Jackie was an amazing super intendent, someone who did care and its been awhile since they had someone like her. I really do miss jackie.

  • The super name Ashley show me the apartments and was nice and professional. You can tell she really enjoys working for the company. If you have any problem you just call her and she would help you and if she cant she would get the help you need. 256 St. Andrews St building is clean I never had a complaint.