245 Lena Cres. Apartments

245 Lena Cres. Apartments

245 Lena Crescent, Cambridge, ON N1R 0A2, Canada

+1 226-894-0059


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Apartments In Cambridge Ontario – Cambridge, ON

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  • Poor management in this building. Renter beware, you will be left without water for multiple days in a row with no explanation, snow will not be cleared in winter, if an appliance is malfunctioning it will be ignored until completely broken, and no-one will ever get back in touch with you if you have to report a maintenance issue.

  • When I first moved to this building, the seniors I met on the elevators told me, “Are you new? You didn’t check with us first. You’ve been warned.”
    I wasn’t sure why they were saying this, because the building seemed clean and quiet. After more than a year of living here, I understand what they meant.

    I moved almost every year due to school or work, so I’ve lived in a lot of apartments and condo buildings. The manager of this building wins the award for being the worst one ever.
    There have been:
    -False fire alarms going off multiple times before and after midnight
    -Unannounced and unexpected water shutoffs
    -Maintenance requests that went ignored or responded to few weeks after
    -Weird noises from the ceiling
    -Water pipes on the ceiling bursting and creating a pool in the hallways.