180 Switchmen by Bosa4Rent

 180 Switchmen by Bosa4Rent

 180 Switchmen St, Vancouver, BC V6A 0C7, Canada

 +1 604-369-7524


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Apartments To Rent In Vancouver – Vancouver,BC

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  • This is a pretty solid apartment building, the units are new, the layout of the bachelor is a bit unfortunate as it only has a single window and becomes incredibly hot in the summer, and there is a distinct lack of storage space in the unit, mine is crammed full of various boxes and containers.

    However, the management is professional, renting the apartment was straight forward, and the building manager has promptly answered any questions that I had, so I would recommend the building if you're looking for an easy rental experience.

    Regarding the neighbourhood, I'm a bit disappointed. I don't drink, so the plethora of craft breweries nearby isn't really interesting for me, and Olympic Village seems to close very early.